Wizkers.io is live!


Wizkers.io is live!

This is the first week of 2015, and the next step in a project I started almost two years ago: today, I am releasing “Wizkers“, a full Javascript/HTML5 Open Source framework that provides data visualization, logging and data upload to any instrument or device that produces data.

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What makes Wizkers different? First of all, it is designed to be super easy to use: any computer running Google Chrome can be up and running in a matter of minutes using the Chrome Packaged app version of Wizkers, which we call “Mouse Wizkers”. But you are not limited to running inside of Chrome: Wizkers works just as well as a server on hardware as small as a Beaglebone Black or as virtual as an Amazon Web Services EC2 instance!

Second, Wizkers provides a much needed missing link between Internet Of Things data services and the actual devices that produce data, by enabling complete local control, logging and visualization, while still letting you forward data to whatever backend you want.

Last, Wizkers is designed in a very modular manner, which makes it possible to support new instruments and devices with as little work as possible. If you have designed a device that produces data, and want to give it a great interface, look no further!

Wizkers is already being deployed by quite a few testers, including professional users, and I am very excited to see where 2015 will take us!

State of the project

Wizkers can be considered to be in advanced beta state. The documentation is a work in progress, as is customary, and will improve over time. So while you can expect a few rough edges, dive in and give us feedback, and help us make Wizkers better!

Wizkers support about half of dozen devices, as varied as Ham radio transceivers or Geiger counters. we encourage you to visit our site, Wizkers.io, and get better acquainted with this project.

And by all means, please get in touch with any remark, comment, or question you may have!

Seiki 4K 39″ display

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 09.50.59This is the latest large addition to my home office: a shiny new Seiki SE39UY04 39 inch – 100cm – display for my Mac, with 4k resolution: 4k in this instance means a massive 3840×2160 pixels. Talk about large.

Two noteworthy things: first of all pixel density works out really well with this screen size: it is very similar to my mac’s 15inch display, which means that text is super readable, an essential factor for a display especially if you sit in front of it a significant number of hours each day.

Second, this display is pretty much the best bargain you can find: I bought it on Amazon for $399. Compare this with your average large Dell monitor that will set you back $800, and it is easy to understand why it is so popular at the moment on Amazon!

One of the reasons why this display is cheap, is that it is not sold as a computer monitor, but as a TV: it has a TV tuner built in and most of its settings are really TV oriented, not computer oriented. But with a little bit of work, you will get excellent results as a computer monitor!

Hello world!

Welcome to the Aerodynes blog!

I have finally decided to take the jump and start this blog. Time will tell exactly what it will become, no point going on about good intentions, I believe in showing stuff rather than talking about it, so stay tuned and come back regularly!

In the mean time, you might want to get to know us a bit more…