Who is Aerodynes?

Aerodynes is a blog about my various projects and hobbies. I am making those public in the hope they will be useful to others.

Aerodynes is a spare-time thing, but I try to do it well.

Why “Aerodynes”?

I picked this name at the time I was involved in a project called “OpenPilot“, which was about UAVs and flying. I left the project at the end of 2011, but as I liked Aerodynes, I decided to keep it for this blog.

I am now part of the “Tau Labs” project which is where most of the historical developers of OpenPilot – and a lot of new talented ones – ┬áhave gone, though I unfortunately do not have enough time to be a great contributor on that project these days. Maybe that will change again in the future!

Who am I?

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About the site

This site is powered by WordPress. The theme is a pretty heavily customized version of the “Spacious” WordPress theme by ThemeGrill. Many thanks to them for releasing this nice base under the GPL license!