Peanut Balun

… or rather UNUN: just built a tiny ‘peanut balun’ based on the design that can be found on their site: this is a 9:1 transformer that makes it easier to drive an end-fed wire at the end of a coax. Add a 30′ or so wire, and in my experience, this makesĀ a really easy to drive and good antenna.

My friend Nick, N6NSA, found a greatĀ combination of parts – in particular this tiny box – that made it possible to build pretty much the smallest possible 100W balun, nicknamed the ‘peanut’ balun. Because it is so small, assembling it is a bit of a challenge, but with patience, you can get really nice results, as shown below:

Peanut balun under test

Peanut balun under test

In my hand, for scale

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