Just received the Heatsink I had ordered from Fred Meier, VE7FMN ( fsmeier with “telus.net” behind the “@” sign). Very impressed after a quick test, I was able to sustain a long PSK31 QSO on 20m at 10W with PA.I temperature hovering around 43°C. I could not do 10W on PSK31 previously for more than 30 seconds at a time before heating HI TEMP.

Fred told me he can make those heatsinks for the following prices:

  • In the white- $60.00
  • matte black powder coated- $93.00 (the one on the pictures below)
  • Screw and wrench set  – $5.50 (on the pictures below too)

Reach out to him directly for a quotation or drop me a line in the “contact” section of the site, I will forward the message.

Very happy so far, I will report further as I use it.

Update 2014.04.18: still happy, after a few weeks of use, this heat sink really makes my KX3 fully usable on PSK31 at any power level it can handle, even in fairly warm environments. In my experience, Olivia is one of the most punishing modes for the output stage, I have yet to do proper tests on that one.

KX3 Heatsink 1

Heatsink 2

Heatsink 3

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