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Welcome to the new look of Aerodynes. This blog is starting to contain quite a bit of information and is getting more attention, so a refresh was in order. Hope you like it!

Ed, July 2014


Connected Objects

Train Controller

Z Scale model trains are extremely small, which makes them great for coffee table layouts. I have designed a fully web-based controller so that can be used with a phone, tablet or computer to wirelessly interact with any small scale train layout with up to 16 turnouts.

Hacking the Safecast Onyx

Is there anything cooler than hacking the firmware of an Open Source Geiger counter? That’s right, it ranks pretty high. Well, this is what have been doing lately on the Safecast/Medcom Onyx!

Embedded (flying) Electronics

Fried Circuits USB Tester

William Garrido from Fried Circuits launched a really nice low power meter platform back in 2013, and I lent a hand in the design of the firmware. Very happy with the results, and we are only getting started!

Tau Labs

Tau Labs is a super impressive drone project. What sets it apart from the rest, is that it is purely done by a group of passionate people in their spare time, with no other intent than having fun. But don’t be mistaken, Tau Labs is not an amateur project, far from it.

Light and Solar

LED Sculptures

LED lights are beautiful. Many LED lights lighting in various random – and not so random – patterns are even better. And many LED lights driven by a tiny chip that you can program with Arduino… what more can you ask?

Solar garden lights

What about building a solar light that just works really well? … and why not make it so that the lighting patterns mimic those of fireflies? And what about making sure that the lamp will last many years, not just one season?

Automotive Showroom

Before joining Adobe back in 2011, I did a freelance engagement for a really cool project in Paris: the design of a “Light Vortex” that would be the cornerstone of a brand new concept store of a German automotive manufacturer, avenue George V, in Paris.

… And all the rest